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How to publish an audio lecturecast with Podcast Generator (screencast demo)

At the beginning of this fall semester, I described the process I’m using to publish regular audio recordings of my “Computers in the Classroom” course at UNT in the post, “Creating a course audio lecturecast (podcast) with Podcast Generator.” Today’s lesson focus was on Screencasting, so after class I used Screenr to create and publish (for free) a 3 minute, 43 second Screencast demonstrating this process. I love Podcast Generator: It’s free, open source, and easy to use!

Every K-12 as well as university instructor/professor today should not only understand the power and value of screencasting (Khan Academy is an exemplar) but also know how to proficiently create a screencast themselves. Screencasting is a foundational skill of digital literacy in the 21st century, and a basic “powerful ingredient” for blended learning.

Check out our class resources on Screencasting for more videos, tutorials, and links on this topic. On our screencasting assignment page, I linked to two excellent student screencasting examples created last Spring by UCO students: Make a custom Google Map and Make a PowerPoint with 20 Photos Fast. Screencasting is not only something we need to know how to do as educators, it’s also something we need to both teach and require our students to do!

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3 responses to “How to publish an audio lecturecast with Podcast Generator (screencast demo)”

  1. Kathryn Buchanan Avatar
    Kathryn Buchanan

    Dr. Fryer, my name is Kathryn Buchanan from Dr. Strange’s EDM 310 class at the University of South Alabama. In his class, we have been using Screenr in some of our projects. I think that is is a great resource for students as well as teachers. I completely agree with you in that I think Screencasting is becoming a part of technological literacy in this day and age. My blog is at, and I will be posting a summary of your post, as well as more of my thoughts. Feel free to visit, and thank you for letting me read your post!
    -Kathryn Buchanan

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