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Stay Synced with Birthdays using Occasions for iOS and Facebook

When someone has an app on the homepage of their iPhone, there’s a pretty good chance it’s a good one. Today as our family is together for Thanksgiving, I noticed the app “Occasions: Birthdays & More!” on my mom’s iPhone homescreen. (iTunes link – 99¢) Since I don’t have many birthdays in my MobileMe contacts (which sync between my Mac laptop and iPhone) I wasn’t sure the program would be a huge benefit to me. The app allows you to sync with your Facebook contacts as well, however, and individually choose which people you want to include in the Occasions app for birthday monitoring.

Facebook Sync with Occasions for iOS

This is fantastic! Now the app displays (per my specifications in settings) upcoming birthdays as well as those of family and friends in the past week.

Past and upcoming birthdays in Occasions for iOS

I know some people who already use Facebook applications to keep up with birthdays. My negative experiences with a Facebook hack in April 2010 have dissuaded me from granting permission to ANY new web-based Facebook applications wanting access to my account, however. My use of this application has granted Handcarved Code, the developers of the app, permission to access my Facebook profile and account. Since my mom has been using the Occasions app since she got her first iPhone (over a year ago) I’m willing to bet it’s trustworthy.

To be useful, I’ll have to actually click on the Occasions app occasionally to view upcoming birthdays! I think I’ll be moving it to my iPhone homescreen soon. 🙂

Do you have any favorite iOS apps for keeping track of family and friends’ birthdays?

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One response to “Stay Synced with Birthdays using Occasions for iOS and Facebook”

  1. AllanahK Avatar

    I hope that these two are events are not linked.

    Scary if they are???