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Learning about the iOS app Stickershop from a 7 year old #edapps

Wednesday in Oklahoma City at the “iOS Apps for Productivity and Fun” workshop, 7 year old Rachel taught participants about one of her favorite math applications for her iPod Touch, “Stickershop.” I recorded her presentation which was shared over, as both a video recording and an audio recording. This is an approximately four minute clip of her explanation of how to play Stickershop.

I used the following description on the YouTube video:

Stickershop is a free iOS application which helps kids learn about money, math, and making change. In this video, 7 year old Rachel explains how to play Stickershop. Rachel presented on December 29, 2010, in Oklahoma City at the workshop, “iOS Apps for Productivity and Fun.” Links and referenced resources from this workshop are available on:

The direct link to download Stickershop (for free) is:

This workshop was webcasted over Ustream, and this is a clip from the Ustream recording. Some of the video is pixelated because of Ustream. A full audio recording of the workshop is available (in 4 parts) on:

Rachel shared her segment of the workshop after lunch, so it is “Part 3” of the day’s audio recordings.

If you’re wondering, I DID pay all my kids for their respective roles in Wednesday’s workshop, serving as both co-facilitators and workshop presenters. They were all delighted to be able to earn some after-Christmas spending money!

To learn more about great iOS apps for primary age students, check out the September 2010 podcast, “PODDY Training: iPod Touches in the Early Childhood Classroom,” recorded at The Martin Institute for Teaching Excellence’s fall conference in Memphis, Tennessee. Presenters were Sheri Burkeen (@ecctech) and Shelley Herzke (@sherzke).

A full video recording of that session via Ustream is also available on the conference wiki.

Check out a list of Rachel’s favorite iOS apps as of August 2010 on Appolicious. (This was created before she learned about Stickershop!)

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