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Enhanced / MultiMedia version of Playing with Media eBook Available

The enhanced / multimedia version of my eBook, “Playing with Media: simple ideas for powerful sharing,” is now available for online purchase and immediate delivery to your computer! This version (currently) is for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch users with Apple’s free “iBooks” application.

Playing With Media (book cover for

The book is available in three different eBook formats and shortly (within 3 days) will be available in paperback / print form via CreateSpace. All purchase links for “Playing with Media” on all eStores (Amazon, B&N, and my blog directly) are available on as well as The photo below shows my 7 year old book illustrator, Rachel, holding the CreateSpace “book proof” we received and reviewed this week. I tweaked this photo on my iPhone using SigNote. (A bit of “playing with images.”)

Excited for the paperback version of Playing with Media!

“Playing with Media” is not yet available on the iTunes iBookstore, but I’m not giving up. I’ve been working for two months now to get the book both formatted and approved by Apple. It’s not a simple or easy process, unfortunately, and I still hope to figure out how to properly “tweak” my EPUB eBook code without selling my soul to a third party, Apple-approved eBook “aggregator” service. For the past two months when I’ve shared presentations at educational technology conferences and in school districts, I’ve sold copies of the eBook on CD which include the enhanced version. To make the enhanced/multimedia book available worldwide, however, I needed a way to create an electronic shopping cart with a service that can host content and provide secure download links. I am using the website for this purpose. I originally learned about e-junkie from PFDebate’s advertising page, and used their site as a model for my own blog advertising page I created this week. (More on that later.) At some point I may create a more integrated “shopping cart” / store experience on my blog, but for now I’m giving this a try. My research both online and talking to Oklahoma City area developers about suggests it’s a good site, and their fees are relatively low. I configured my account with e-junkie to accept both PayPal and Google Checkout payments.

If you have an iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch, I HIGHLY recommend you try out the enhanced/multimedia version of “Playing with Media.” Alison Anderson’s August 7th tweet about the enhanced/multimedia version of my ebook summarizes why better than I can. She wrote:

reading #playingwithmedia I think Al Gore’s ebook is cool but your book is EXACTLY what an ebook should be! Great PD to end summer!

Praise for #playingwithmedia from Alison Anderson

Tomorrow I’ll be announcing a special website I’m VERY enthused about for sharing student project examples using digital text, images, audio and video. (Following the chapters of the ebook.) If you read my new eBooks and Books page carefully, you can find it and preview it. I’m planning to offer a monthly raffle there for educators who submit examples of their own “playing with media” examples and those of their students. Everyone who shares an example will be eligible for a digital tool drawing at the end of each month. I’m excited to see what YOU’LL be sharing with media in the months ahead!

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3 responses to “Enhanced / MultiMedia version of Playing with Media eBook Available”

  1. Nick Noakes Avatar
    Nick Noakes

    Wes, having an iPhone /iPad is not enough as not all iTunes stores are the same – Hong Kong only has Apps for example. Will the multimedia ebook version be made available through Amazon?

  2. Wesley Fryer Avatar

    I don’t think Amazon sells enhanced eBooks yet. The Kindle format doesn’t support it. I don’t think eInk readers will… they don’t play videos.

    The enhanced/multimedia version is available now from my website, via the shopping cart I setup. You’ll download the EPUB and then load it onto your iOS device using iTunes and iBooks. I’d definitely offer the enhanced/multimedia version for sale on Amazon if it was possible, but unless I misunderstand things it’s only possible to post/sell eBooks there which are “standard,” meaning they have just text, images and hyperlinks.

  3. Allanah King Avatar

    Sorry I couldn’t wait any longer for the iTunes version. I’m downloading it as we speak. With the Kiwi dollar being nice and high at the moment your book is a bargain.