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Stuff I Want to Share at OTA – Encyclo-Media 2012

Next Tuesday and Wednesday I’ll be attending, presenting, and learning at the 2012 Oklahoma Technology Association / Encylo-Media Conference in Oklahoma City. It’s been two years since I’ve been able to attend this February conference and I’m really looking forward to the opportunity. For my session handout this year, I decided to create a one page PDF of “stuff I want to share.” There is certainly more included than I’ll have time to mention in my two breakout sessions, but hopefully this will be a good way to share some diverse resources with folks. This document is available as a Google Doc from the link, and that page has a link to the printable, single page I’ll distribute to in-person attendees. I’ve also copied the links below into this post in case you’re interested in them. I love clickable, digital handouts! I’ve included a scannable QR code on the PDF version too, which forwards to the Google Doc.

Stuff I Want to Share at #otaem12

Creating MultiMedia eBooks

Snowflake Gets Lost: a FREE enhanced eBook by Rachel Fryer

Improving Reading, Writing and Critical Thinking Skills with Media

Playing with Media: simple ideas for powerful sharing (eBook)

Software I run on my Mac

Crafting Your Professional Digital Footprint

19 April 2011: iPad Training for Business Productivty

Student Media Examples

99¢ Podcasts for Playing with Media

Mapping Media to Common Core

iPad App Coffee Chats
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