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YouTube is the new Cable Channel Platform

Internet-based television (IPTV) is continuing to disrupt traditional media broadcasting models. As we await the launch of Apple’s expected television set (iTV) integrating iOS app functions including Siri voice control, this process will only accelerate. Writing about IPTV opportunity costs in “Is a vast video library worth the time and money?“, Daniel Frankel notes:

“To launch a cable channel, you need a satellite, a sales staff … you’re in the hole $50 million to $100 million before you even know you have an audience,” he said. “With YouTube, you can be distributed everywhere overnight, and you don’t need to make those binary decisions.”

Is your school district leveraging the power and reach of YouTube yet? If not, when will you start? YouTube for Schools provides an excellent (and FREE) way for schools to provide STUDENT as well as teacher access to educational videos and provide teachers opportunities to publish video-based student work. Every teacher in your school district should have the option and opportunity to create a professional video channel on YouTube.

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One response to “YouTube is the new Cable Channel Platform”

  1. James Cross Avatar

    Just as streaming video is disrupting the traditional model of television, it’s also likely to be a disruptive force in education as we move forward. 

    Schools need to start viewing online video as an essential tool in supporting students’ learning. It’s the medium that best conveys great teaching, amplifying its reach – and it’s also a medium which really, really resonates with the young people in our classrooms.