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FAQs About iPads and Media in the Classroom

During the June and July 2012 sessions of the 3 day workshop “iPad Media Camp,” I asked participants to post questions they had about our curriculum as well as related topics using a Google form. Instead of just answering questions in class, I created narrated slideshows using the iPad app “Explain Everything” and posted the videos to YouTube. This way these videos can be used in class (including upcoming sessions) as well as shared with others who couldn’t attend in person. Below you’ll find the questions addressed in each screencast video as well as the videos themselves.

I’ve also posted these to the FAQs page of Fall 2012 sessions of iPad Media Camp are scheduled in Oklahoma City for Aug 31, Sep 14 & Nov 2, as well as Dec 18-20. Updated session dates along with registration links are available. Please follow @iPadMediaCamp on Twitter for updates. Also be sure to check out “iPad Training for Business Productivity,” which is a one day workshop I offer. I presented this for the first time in May and will be offering another session on September 21st in Oklahoma City.

July 2012 FAQ Answers (20 minutes) addressing these questions:

  1. Can you AirPlay to more than one device at a time?
  2. How do you create a web address for each class to email their showme shows?
  3. We have a Smartboard in our classrooms and I have a projector. Will that be compatible with apple tv?
  4. Can you explain what live binder is?
  5. I know this is not related to today, but Can you answer questions about iBook Author? I am struggling with some of my pictures. Also, can you share information about the publishing process for ebooks tomorrow?
  6. Which app provides the miracle cure needed for tech admins who revoke all computer privileges for a student who leaves a “Justin Bieber sucks” message on a computer?
  7. Would you recommend an iPad over a laptop for a 12 year old?
  8. would you consider hosting a review session in August?
  9. What procedures can or should be in place to help alleviate images that get around safe searches while using the iPad to search Google?
  10. What do you think the future of game based learning is and how will or could it meet the standards of Common Core? Do you have any suggestions to use that are allowing students to create their own games?
  11. How do we scroll to access more pics in photo library when using Photosync?

June 2012 FAQ Answers (14.5 minutes) addressing these questions:

  1. How do you make a QR code?
  2. Can you please show how to add a link again?
  3. Why do I need to buy an iPad?
  4. Is there money available in the budget to get a projection machine?
  5. After this class is over this week, can we ask other question?
  6. If we want to do show me with our class do we need to create our own email account
  7. Is there YPS Support for iPad questions and help?
  8. What apps do you suggest for mirroring your iPad?
  9. Will many of the schools in the district have iPad carts available for teacher check out and use in the classroom?
  10. What color should I get my nails painted at my next pedicure?
  11. Can you show us how to make a link for our show me?
  12. When apps are purchased by YPS, is the purchase for the district or just the school? Are all apps purchased in the district available to everyone?
  13. Can we connect our iPad to our school computers to show on a SMARTboard?
  14. What is the easiest way to tell people how to find your You Tube channel?

Many of the links mentioned in these screencasts are included on the iPad Media Camp Resources page for July 2012.

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