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Better Than Teacher-Created Video Flipped Classrooms: The Power of Student Made Videos

Audio podcasts remain a GREAT way to obtain free, regular professional development. Although I’m not as “regular” as I once was as a podcaster, I continue to periodically post podcast audio to both my “Moving at the Speed of Creativity” podcast channel as well as my secondary “Fuel for Educational Change Agents” podcast channel. While my own podcast listening habits ebb and flow with my schedule, I always have an updatable collection of excellent PD podcast subscriptions in my Podcaster iPhone app. See my August 2011 post, “iOS Podcast Subscriptions on the Go,” for more info about using Podcaster. It’s now a $2 app (not free as it was when I wrote that post) but is well worth the money IMHO. I also updated the link to my current Podcaster OPML subscriptions, which you’re free to use and import if desired. It’s a little eclectic but most of the channels are edtech / learning / technology related.

On the topic of educational podcasts, I highly recommend the “EdCasts” on the EdReach Network. (I think EdCasts is an Apple-neutral way of referring to podcasts, following the lead of Leo Laport in calling his shows “netcasts.”) Troy Cockrum posted a new episode, “Flipped Learning 013: The Power of Student Made Videos with Eric Marcos and Student Tiana Kadkhoda” yesterday which you should DEFINITELY check out. Eric is a 6th grade California teacher who has flipped his classroom NOT through teacher-created videos, but rather through STUDENT created videos. is the website Eric maintains and where he shares student videos. He and Tiana presented at Mobile2012 in Phoenix and BLC12 in Boston this year, and Tiana is the keynote speaker in the “Student Voices” strand of the 2012 K-12 Online Conference this year. Give it a listen!

Mathtrain.TV   Probability with Ben and Jerry

Hat tip to Eric Marcos for letting me know about this new podcast!

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