I don’t have an iPhone5 yet. I did place my order this week, however, and the following description from John Brownlee has me waiting with bated breath. YES, I have done exactly what he describes multiple times in our local Apple Store:

Have you ever picked up an iPod touch at the Apple Store and compared it to your iPhone and said, “Man, I wish Apple could figure out how to cram the guts of a phone into something this thin and light?” The iPhone 5 is the culmination of that dream: a device that is so light you can’t even feel it in your pocket, but packed with the most powerful mobile technology in the world. A no compromise device that eschews heft and bulk while seemingly giving up nothing.

As I’ve reflected previously, it’s almost impossible to imagine what “mobile computing reality” is going to be in 10 or 20 years. I know, the digital divide is real, not everyone has a smartphone or home connectivity, etc, etc. I get that. The fact that handheld technologies like the iPhone5 are now available for a mass consumer market, however, is stunning.

Thank you Apple for fast forwarding us all into the future faster than many would have imagined possible.

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One Response to iPhone5 Weight & Form Factor

  1. Roger says:

    A really nice phone, certainly. But “but packed with the most powerful mobile technology in the world”? Most definately not.
    The iPhone has fallen well behind the competition in terms of technoogy and features. The iPhone 5 sadly offers nothing at all innovative – not even a single thing. It’s lighter and faster and has a bigger screen and includes poorly implemented 4G LTE support. There’s nothing it can do which you can’t do on an iPhone 4S.

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