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Blogging the Conference: EDUCAUSE 2012 Session Notes

The past three days I’ve been in Denver, blogging sessions from the 2012 EDUCAUSE conference for iThemes. iThemes is a WordPress and web design focused company in Edmond, Oklahoma, and I’ve been blogging on a contract basis for them past few months on the iThemes Education blog. (@ithemesEd on Twitter) This was my first time to attend EDUCAUSE, and I guarantee it won’t be the last. Wow, what a conference! To cite three specific examples, I enjoyed amazing and thought provoking presentations in the past 3 days from Clay Shirky (one of my favorite thinkers, authors & presenters EVER), Daphne Koller (co-founder of Coursera of recent MOOC fame) and Theodore Gray (co-founder of Wolfram Alpha and amazing author of “The Elements: A Visual Exploration,” which has to be one of the most amazing and valuable books/apps created for the iPad to date). As you might guess, my mind is overflowing with ideas as it always is after a great professional development conference. Here are links to all the session titles and notes I took this week, over on the iThemes Education blog. Check them out and please share comments/questions over there you might have about sessions. Also be aware many of the featured sessions from EDUCAUSE 2012 were not only live-streamed online free, but also archived for later on-demand viewing. I linked to the EDUCAUSE page for each session at the top of each notes post, so check that out for archived video. I’m not sure how long that process will take, but I bet not long. The call for proposals for EDUCAUSE 2013 in Anaheim will be released in the next few weeks.

These are my EDUCAUSE 2012 session notes and posts in chronological order:

  1. Open Source and Enterprise Computing at EduCause 2012
  2. IT as a Core Academic Competence: Clay Shirky at EduCause 2012
  3. Four More Questions You Shouldn’t Ask About Online Learning
  4. Kuali OLE: Collaboration & Community-Sourced Library Management
  5. Providing AC Power for 21st Century Conference Attendees
  6. If Not Now, When? Challenges Facing American Education – Pearson VP preso mainly about OpenClass
  7. Beyond E-Books: Right Sized Content for Learning Anywhere
  8. EDUCAUSE/ELI Badging Focus Group
  9. Blueprint for Change in an Era of Rapid Reinvention
  10. Lessons Learned from Large iPad Student Deployment at The Wharton School
  11. Conversation with Cary Sherman (RIAA) about Today’s Modern Music Marketplace
  12. MOOCs: The Coming Revolution?
  13. Teaching in an Age of Plenty by Wolfram-Alpha Co-Founder Theodore Gray
  14. Elevate Your Game: Propose, Design, & Deliver a Fantastic Conference Session
  15. Digital Signage At School & College
  16. Discovery in a Digital World

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Theodore Gray and Wesley Fryer

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