My 2011 eBook, “Playing with Media: simple ideas for powerful sharing” is now available on Google Play.

Google Play eBook

A “standard ePUB version” of this eBook has been available from my PlayingWithMedia website and on the Barnes & Noble eBookstore for Nook since July of 2011, but I’ve additionally published the eBook on Google Play now because I want it to be available for students / teachers / professors using the SubText for iPad application.* If you’re not familiar with SubText yet, you need to be. It’s the first eBook / eReader application I’ve seen and used which permits students in particular classes to have discussions WITHIN an eText. We’re using SubText as our primary eReader application in my spring 2013 course, “Mapping Media to the Common Core: Part 1” offered through through Western Montana CSPD and the University of Montana. I absolutely LOVE the opportunity SubText provides to have contextual discussions “within an eBook.”

SubText for iPad Discussion Example

Check out the “Why SubText” page of the SubText website, subtitled, “Welcome to 21st century classroom reading” for more details about why this free app is so AMAZING for eReading.

I created a six minute narrated slideshow a few weeks ago using the EduCreations app on my iPad titled, “Introduction To Subtext For iPad,” for the 36 Montana students enrolled in the Mapping Media to Common Core course this semester.

Have you seen, encountered or used other eReader apps or platforms which permit this kind of “class discussion within an eBook?”

* “Playing with Media: simple ideas for powerful sharing” is also available on for Kindle. That version is in .mobi format for the Kindle, however, and is not a “standard ePUB.” It has it’s own ISBN number since it’s in a different format.

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