In December of 2010, I created “Fuel 4 Educational Change Agents” as a secondary podcast channel to complement my primary “Moving at the Speed of Creativity Podcast” channel. I created this secondary channel of “no-edit” and lightly-edited audio recordings using the free, open source software program Podcast Generator, which I learned about doing research for my dissertation on phonecasting. A couple months ago because of several different factors, I migrated most of the 30+ websites I have created and maintain (mostly running WordPress) to new web hosts. There were several websites I didn’t migrate, however, so this month I’m finalizing the process and that includes moving “Fuel 4 Educational Change Agents.”

I was unable to successfully migrate this Podcast Producer website to my new web host for a couple reasons. First of all, the dates didn’t migrate correctly so everything on the new site looked like it was posted online today. That’s not acceptable, since I need these episodes to be properly time and date stamped for listener context: Most of these address technology subjects, and those can change considerably with the passage of time. The second reason the migration didn’t work had to do with a complication in PHP code which is beyond my geek quotient: I’m more of an open source script kiddie (but NOT a malicious hacker, just a user/tweaker) than a coder, so these are errors I just didn’t want to try and troubleshoot.

Podcast Generator Errors

Podcast Generator Error

I’ve used both PodPress and PowerPress for podcasting on WordPress sites previously, but in my research today I found some other alternatives: Seriously Simple Podcasting, Podcasting Plugin by TSG, and Podlove Podcast Publisher. When I Googled for recent reviews (in the past year) of these WordPress podcasting options, I found this great podcast interview from July 8, 2013, with Podlove founder Tim Pritlove by Podcast Squared. It’s an excellent interview, and I was sold by Tim’s work and commitment to the podcasting community through his work on Podlove. His team is seeking to advance podcasting beyond the level others (primarily Apple via iTunes) have taken it, and wants to not only make the process easier for publishers as well as consumers but also increase the options we have (like adding chapter markers which currently just work with .m4a files but not .mp3 files).

Podlove Podcast Publisher

I have about 750 MB or 3/4 of a gigabyte of past podcasts to migrate to my new web host and my WordPress / Podlove site, but I figured out how to get everything to work watching part of the screencast tutorials available (now) just in German. I recorded my own five minute screencast (in English of course!) describing my workflow migrating podcast episodes from my old Podcast Generator site to my new WordPress and Podlove site.

If you’re looking for a podcasting plugin for WordPress, definitely check out Podlove. I regret the migration workflow for me from Podcast Generator is fairly cumbersome, but I’m confident the accessibility features and other options available to me with my Podlove-powered WordPress site are going to make it worth the time and effort.

Fuel for Educational Change Agents

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