This podcast is an interview with 3rd and 4th grade teacher Shelly Fryer, discussing mystery skype, Minecraft in the classroom, iPad digital portfolios with Seesaw, and more. Check out the podcast shownotes for referenced apps, links and resources. Thanks to Adam Jones for sharing his podcasting inspiration!


  1. Shelly on Twitter: @sfryer
  2. Shelly’s classroom website:
  3. Positive Tomorrows (@ptokc)
  4. Adam Jones Education Podcast
  5. Mystery Skype in the Classroom
  6. Rachel’s YouTube Channel: RachelArtist (@rachfMC – videos about Minecraft and Club Penguin)
  7. Seesaw – Student Driven Digital Portfolios (for iPad)
  8. Kidblog
  9. PlaydateOKC (backstory of PLAYDATE PD)
  10. MinecraftEDU
  11. Minecraft Redstone Engineering Challenge
  12. Wes’ MinecraftEDU resources and Maker Studio Minecraft Resources
  13. Video: Creative Minecraft Shower by 4th Grader Sam
  14. Video: Tour of Minecraft Redstone Challenge House (by Josh)
  15. “You Are Not A Beginner Unless You Have Begun” by Karen Montgomery (@klmontgomery)
  16. Hovercraft app (FREE – for iOS, Android & Kindle Fire!)
  17. AirServer software (iOS mirroring software, like AppleTV but $15)
  18. MyOn (amazing iOS enhanced eBook library)
  19. News-O-Matic | Kids News, Nonfiction and Current Events
  20. PBS recognizes Positive Tomorrows teacher in Oklahoma City (@newsok 29 April 2015)
  21. STEM Seeds PD Camp: June 2-4, 2015 (@STEMseeds)
  22. Mobile Learning Experience Conference (@mobile2015 – June 10-12, 2015) by Tony Vincent (@tonyvincent) and the Arizona K-12 Center (@azk12)
  23. iPad Media Camp (@iPadMediaCamp)
  24. Wesley Fryer on Twitter: @wfryer
  25. Wes’ Presentation Handouts (upcoming and past speaking schedule)

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