This podcast is a recording of a webinar panel discussion by Oklahoma educators Telannia Norfar, Delilah Rodriguez, Rhonda Schroeder and Wesley Fryer on Saturday, April 25, 2020. Our topic of conversation was “Remote Learning in Oklahoma,” as we are now about a month into “learning at home” because of the neo-coronavirus / COVID-19 global pandemic. The questions we discussed included, What is your current role and situation with ‘remote learning’ in Oklahoma? What is your technology situation like in terms of student devices, teacher devices, and utilized platforms? What are discovering that should be changed about school as a result of this situation? What are some success stories about remote learning at your school / for you? How do you think we can help teachers and schools prepare for ongoing remote learning in the event we don’t return face-to-face to school in August, or we do but have to go back to remote learning in the fall? Check out the shownotes for links to Twitter IDs for each of our panelists, as well as other referenced resources and links from the conversation.


  1. Video version on YouTube
  2. Questions (Google Slides) used in this webinar
  3. Delilah Rodriguez @AwesomeTeach12
  4. Telannia Norfar @thnorfar
  5. Rhonda Schroeder @rhondaschroeder
  6. Wes Fryer @wfryer
  7. Official Twitter account for the #OklaEd Sunday evening Twitter chat: @oklaed
  8. EdCampOKC (@edcampOKC)
  9. ConnectEd iPad Program at Arthur Elementary (OKCPS info page)
  10. Project-Based Learning in the Math Classroom (Grades 6-10) by Talannia Norfar and Chris Fancher (Amazon)
  12. Remote Learning Instructional Support website of Casady School
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