Tonight was a personal first: I taught a three hour workshop on podcasting to about twelve teachers in St Louis, Missouri from my house in Edmond, Oklahoma! I have taught this workshop on podcasting a fair number of times, and taught (and just “met” with others) via videoconferencing technologies a fair number of times too– but never taught this workshop at a distance. The best part was when we finished at 7 pm, I was already home! 🙂

I connected using a Polycom VSX 3000 (H.323) over the Internet at 384 kbps. The connection was excellent and didn’t have any noticeable jitter in video or audio. I don’t have my license for Polycom’s People+Content IP so I was interrupted a bit in my screensharing– but the interactive aspect of the workshop went pretty well using a Blogger blog (participants posted comments) and my workshop wiki. I was going to use the screensharing feature of Vyew, and it worked good during our pre-workshop tests, but I ended up using the People+Content demo for the screensharing I needed to do instead.

This was quite fun, and as a bonus I was able to pull my two oldest children in briefly to the workshop– Sarah talked briefly about her experiences creating her science fair enhanced podcast about hedgehogs last year when she was in kindergarten. 🙂

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3 Responses to A workshop first

  1. Wes,

    We’ve also invested in some polycom units I think ours is the VSX 8000. I’d be game for some testing and what about a workshop?


  2. Wesley Fryer says:

    Sounds good. Let’s talk!

  3. […] Wes Fryer did a workshop the other day on podcasting with a number of teachers new to the read/write web. He had them post some questions and comments on a blog he created for the session. I read quickly through some of the comments and they most definitely are representative of a great number of our teachers. I’m sure Wes responded to many of their concerns but I thought I’d also chime in with some responses. Here goes: How does blogging relate to the skills students need to know for TAKS? […]

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