Aaron Schmidt posted a few interesting (but perhaps not too photogenic) photos of me in Hawaii a couple of weeks ago at the Hawaii Library Association’s conference to his Flickr site. He caught me iChatting with my family! 🙂 I was actually making faces with my three year old in the following pic:

Tongue out!

I’m not sure exactly what I was saying / communicating at this moment…. 🙂

iChat fun!

You never know when someone is going to be taking pictures and posting to Flickr!

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3 Responses to Hawaii iChat pics

  1. I love your blog! Found it by accident (although I guess there are no accidents so everyone says nowadays!). The header is amazing (I am visual so always photos first for me). I love this post. Its a reminder of how easy it is for our young ones to get us to act like big kids ourself! We wouldn’t dare do it for anyone else thats for sure :0)

    Diane Corriette

  2. Jo McLeay says:

    I love these pictures: the human side of Wes Fryer:) or Wes Fryer the dad.

  3. […] It’s just way too easy and whether or not your school removes it’s computers and network, you’ll still be dealing with the issue. I read Wes Fryer’s blog the other day and he talked about about being photographed and having his pictures posted on Flickr. I don’t know if the photographer asked permission to post them but you get the point….someone may be watching and documenting your every move. This is the reality of our world and we need to get our heads around it. This is not to condone the behaviour but as mentioned many times, an opportunity to teach. […]

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