Scott Charlson presented the session “K12 Student Engagement: Beyond the 3:00 Bell” at the 2008 Oklahoma Distance Learning Association (ODLA) conference on 13 Nov 2008. These are a few of the links and notes I jotted down from his session.

A recorded archive of Scott’s session is available.

MoodleRooms is being used by the K-20 Center at OU for affordable Moodle hosting (sold in blocks of 500 seats, they buy the $3 per seat version)

Places to get speaking avatars for your website:
– commercial:
– free:

Moodle explained with LEGO

A “challenge cast”
– an audio explanation of a learning task prepared by a teacher for his/her students

— end of notes —

After Scott’s session, I learned about Mike Garmon, a teacher at Altus High School who has setup the website
– Lisa Wahrmund is an English4 teacher at the school
– The IT department in Altus is blocking this website and preventing students and teachers from using the Moodle environment setup by Mike from being used at school
– Mike has written an extensive, 25 page justification / argument for using this Moodle enviornment to support learning at Altus High School

I am going to reach out to Mike and see if I can interview him as well as the Altus IT director to get more information about this situation.

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3 Responses to Moodle advocacy by School Charlson

  1. Tomaz Lasic says:

    Great to see something created on my desk (the Moodle explained with Lego clip) see the light of day on Speed of Creativity!

    I have been in a somewhat similar situation like Mike with my employer (govt department, not the school itself), who despite the success of Moodle at our school (here is proof!! still considers Moodle, and Open Source Software in general, to be a dirty word.

    Please pass my best wishes & support to Mike. Thanks Wes

    Tomaz Lasic

  2. Steve says:

    It’s not all roses with Moodle. Scan some of the recent posts on the blog below to see what you will not see discussed on

  3. Tomaz Lasic says:

    Ah, Steve H. the vanguard of caution !

    I continue to admire your tenacity and bringing things out in the open but then nothing is perfect (that includes your “black-eyed” writing and my “rosy-eyed” writing).

    For my 20c – Moodle has been absolutely fantastic (dare I say perfect 🙂 at our school, and we will, and do deal with all sorts of security breaches, viruses etc every day anyway (not in Moodle but other, proprietary, software I have to say). Thanks for pointing things out but overall, speaking as a long time classroom teacher Moodle is a very worthwhile project.

    Peace 🙂

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