I dearly love the free Photo Dropper plugin for WordPress. Although I compose almost all my blog posts offline in MarsEdit, I often use a temporary post on a different WordPress blog just so I can use Photo Dropper to readily find Creative Commons Flickr images. Photo Dropper provides resized as well as properly attributed HTML code I can copy into my posts. This is an example of a Photo Dropper formatted CC image:

Creative Commons License photo credit: Raphaël Fauveau

I would LOVE to have access to Photo Dropper blog posting functionality natively within MarsEdit, or as a lightweight freeware application running on my Mac. Does anyone know of a client-side program which offers functionality similar to Photo Dropper? This would not only be handy for blogging, but also for creating photo-intensive multimedia presentations in PowerPoint or Keynote. As it stands now, I end up using the Flickr Creative Commons Attribution-Only search site and copying/pasting from my web browser into my presentation software repeatedly to capture the image as well as source URL for each slide which needs an image. It would be great if a software program could streamline this process, as Photo Dropper does for blog posts written within the WordPress web environment.

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  • James Deaton

    I keep thinking Zementa and final entry via the dashboard might be a good route. Stick with MarsEdit for the primary composition, save as a draft in WP, and then review with a Zementa loaded firefox. It should make the appropriate recommendations on images and you could spend minimal time in the dashboard enhancing and tidying.

  • Zemanta does look cool, but it is still browser-based like Photo Dropper. With a Netbook this would be a plus, but in my case I want a client-side app I think. Thanks for the suggestion though!

  • Hi,

    Andraz from Zemanta here.

    Actually Zemanta also has an API and we hope for third parties to integrate our photo suggestion into their blogging software. Do nudge the developers of your favorite blogging tool to contact us.

    Among desktop apps, Zemanta works in Windows Live Writer, but that’s probably not your platform of choice.

    If you send me an email I can also send you preview of some other things we have on our mind.


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