Because of some staffing changes, I had responsibility this week for packing 50 “digital backpacks” of supplies in advance of two Celebrate Oklahoma Voices digital storytelling workshops coming up this weekend and later in the month. Before packing equipment in individual backpacks, we stacked everything up and took inventory. These were the Olympus WS-110 recorders:

Olympus WS-110 Recorders

These are the Platronics headsets and Sony digital cameras:

Plantronics Audio 650 USB Headsets

Last year, in 2008, 91 teachers completed our “Celebrate Oklahoma Voices” workshops and learned how to create short digital stories using Audacity and either PhotoStory3 or iMovie. Currently, we have 250 Oklahoma teachers and students in our learning community and 145 videos. We’re scheduled at this point to conduct about 20 workshops in 2009. If we have 25 teachers in all of those workshops (which we probably won’t) we’ll have about 500 new videos added to the learning community this year. Hopefully that number will be much larger, with many student-created videos submitted which are facilitated by teachers who have completed our workshop.

I think 2009 is going to be a big year for COV. 🙂

More information is available on our project wiki ( which is a Google Site mapped to a subdomain of our main site.

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6 Responses to Preparing for digital storytelling workshops (Celebrate Oklahoma Voices)

  1. WOW that looks like techie heaven right there. Just curious – is the cost of this equipment covered by the workshop fee or through other funding services?

  2. Mickey Bumpus says:

    What an exciting project! I’m taking an on-line course in Ohio on wikis and blogs. I’m looking for information to help me begin a “Legacy” project that my 5th grade students will be involved with interviewing an older person in their life. Would like to incorporate PhotoStory3 as well. Looks like this will provide some excellent connections!

  3. Wesley Fryer says:

    We have two funding models, the first model uses grants to offset much of the cost for both equipment and training. The second model is organizationally funded, so individuals don’t pay to attend.

  4. Nathan Toft says:


    Long time lurker. First time poster.

    A colleague and I were awarded a grant from our provincial ministry to conduct a series of podcast workshops over the course of this school year. Our school board was kind enough to match the funds so that we could create podcast “kits” to support our training.

    Your post reminded me the fun we had shopping for the various shiny objects. We are working on a smaller scale than you – we have 16 teachers participating here in Ottawa, Canada and they are representing 8 schools (2 teachers from each school). Nevertheless, it was quite something to see all of that equipment spread throughout the house.

    I thought you might find it interesting to see how we approached things. Our budget per kit was in the neighbourhood of a thousand dollars Candadian:

    Nathan Toft

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  6. Its been a while Wes, but I am still reading. I posted regarding this article. True to the post I said I would mention the great work undertaken by CEOP. The links are in the post for you.

    Just to let you know the pledges idea is with our students council.

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