Please join me and many others in the Digital Literacy debate organized by Josie Fraser:

…the Digital Literacy debate… will be taking place online, in Elluminate, on Friday 27 March 2009, at 1pm GMT [THAT’S 8 AM CST] … The purpose of the debate is to try and move forward on issues surrounding Digital Literacy. The focus of the debate will be the UK education sector, but international attendees and contributors are more than welcome. Recently, Digital Literacy has gained a lot of traction within academic and educational technology discussion within the UK, and is generally thought of as A Good Thing. However, some important questions have yet to be addressed.

Please join us in Elluminate – no password is required.

The session will be recorded. Check out the schedule on the wiki to see what’s coming up. See you online!

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One Response to Join the Digital Literacy debate – Live!

  1. Leah says:

    We get the worksheets at our house too. I think it would be great to put a netbook in each child’s hand. One of our bigggest expenses at our school is printing costs (we lease copiers and have a per page cost) If we used netbooks, I would imagine our costs would be cheaper than what we spend to print all those sheets. Our classes and teachers need to use more technology.

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