This podcast features an interview with 11 year old Alexander, discussing his experiences playing the iPod Touch / iPhone version of the game Civilization Revolution. According to the English WikiPedia entry for the game: Civilization Revolution is a turn based strategy game. In past installments the player had more control over the rules of the game and often the game could last for more than ten hours. In Civilization Revolution the games for the most part can be finished within three hours… Players can control one of 16 different civilizations, each with a different leader. Each civilization starts the game with a different special bonus that can be either a technology, a Great Person, or a special ability. As the game progresses through time, the civilizations also obtain new abilities when they reach a specific number of technologies. In a given game each civilization can have up to four bonuses that vary from civilization to civilization. Many of the civilizations have specific specialized units that only they can build but unlike previous installments, these are for looks only. Special units do not possess abilities beyond the normal unit but may have varying stats. [END OF WIKIPEDIA TEXT]  Alexander first played the “lite” / free version of the game, and over the Labor Day weekend bought the game (on sale) for $3 US. I’m amazed how complex this game is, and how far games have advanced in the past years. Alexander also contrasts this game to the online, browser game Travian, which he has also played extensively. He also shares his top games for the iPod Touch currently. Links are provided in the podcast shownotes.


Show Notes:

  1. Official website of Civilization Revolution for iPhone
  2. Yappler Entry for Civilization Revolution
  3. Yappler Entry for Civilization Revolution Lite
  4. WikiPedia entry for Civilization Revolution
  5. Official website of Civilization Revolution
  6. Travian (online browser war game)
  7. Parachute Panic for iPhone (on Yappler)
  8. Parachute Panic Lite for iPhone (on Yappler)
  9. Stick Wars for iPhone (on Yappler)
  10. Stick Wars Lite for iPhone (on Yappler)
  11. Strategic Assault for iPhone (on Yappler)
  12. Cube Runner II (on Yappler)
  13. iBomber (on Yappler)

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