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Documenting Adventures in Shanghai on an iPhone [video]

On September 11, 2011, I explored some new areas in Shanghai, China, with Gail Lovely, Jarrod Robinson, Jess McCulloch, Bruce and Anne Mirtschin. We had a wonderful day of adventures. On my fifteen hour flight from Shanghai to Atlanta today, I recorded several narrated slideshows on my iPhone using the SonicPics application. I used my iRig microphone and am pretty pleased with the audio, despite the noisy airline engine noise. (The iRig does a nice job limiting background noise.) Unfortunately the iRig couldn’t hide the fatigue in my voice! Here are the videos!

Shanghai Adventures (September 2011) (20 minutes)

A twenty minute narrated slideshow of my adventures exploring Shanghai, China, on September 11, 2011. There are 48 images in this slideshow.

Shanghai Museum Coins (12 minutes)

A narrated slideshow about the coins and currency exhibit in the Shanghai Museum. I toured the exhibit on September 11, 2011.

Not Your Typical Airport Menu (3 minutes)

A narrated slideshow about some interesting items on the menu at the Pudong Airport in Shanghai, China.

I also edited together a couple video clips I took riding in Shanghai taxis on Sunday and Monday. I turned off the audio on the second half of this clip because of wind noise, but hopefully it will still provide a good feel for what it was like in this city of 23 million people. I’ll insert that tomorrow in this post after I upload it, as my luggage has all arrived here in the OKC airport and I’m keen to get home. 🙂

When I was still in China, I posted two additional videos as video blogs from Shanghai as well and another narrated slideshow. Those were:

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