My positive experiences this semester using Podcast Generator (free / open source server software) to publish audio lecturecasts of my weekly classes at the University of North Texas have inspired me to create a new podcast channel. Currently, I’m publishing (usually) at least one new audio podcast episode per month on “Moving at the Speed of Creativity.” I’d like to publish more, but it takes awhile (following these procedures) to create each show– and I have a lot on my plate. So, I still plan to keep that publishing schedule and channel going… But I’d like to create a new installation of Podcast Producer where I publish mostly unedited versions of audio recordings I’ve made in the past few years and received permission to publish online. Some of the content may be dated and of less interest to others, but maybe not… and for people who ARE interested, there’s really not any reason (like cost) which prohibits me from doing this other than discretionary time. Podcast Generator makes the process of podcast publishing MUCH faster and easier than my “normal” process, so I’m thinking this second podcast channel can include a lot of content which I otherwise wouldn’t be able to make time to publish.

I’d like help naming this channel. I want to set this up as a subdomain on Some ideas I’ve considered (but am not particularly taken with) are:

What are your thoughts? Some of these audio recordings will be of my own presentations, but most will be from others. I’d like the subdomain name to be short and easy to remember / share, and also appropriate to the content. I’d love any creative suggestions you could offer. 🙂

BTW, like my “Moving at the Speed of Creativity Podcast Channel,” this new channel will be entirely non-commercial and advertising free. Like my other content here, it will be shared under a CC-BY license.

Modified Podcast Logo with My Headphones Photoshopped On

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