Ha ha! It’s here at last! I knew some creative technical inventor would be bringing a product like this to market!

Check out the WiFi Picture Frame:

WiFi Picture Frame

You can configure it to automatically download images from a Flickr feed and also integrate images from a removable digital camera media card. Most beautiful thing about this product is that unlike Ceiva’s digital picture frames, no monthly subscription is required!

Bad news is that it costs $250 today, is out-of-stock currently, only holds about 30 pictures, and requires a Windows-based computer to configure. (Come on guys, make this browser manageable like home routers and other network devices.) Good news is that hopefully this idea will catch on and competition will bring down the price, as well as increase the power / storage capacity. Evidently this was announced in January 2006. I blogged about the need for this in October 2005!

If you know about other WiFi digital picture frame options I would love to learn about them. It seems inevitable that Radio Shack will be carrying a device like this sometime soon that will be more reasonably priced.

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  1. Wired magazine carried something this month on these picture frames. I looked at their website and the article isn’t posted. It had a set of reviews of four of these frames. I guess the paper version trumps the web. Buy the magazine….

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