is a good website for people interested in ongoing, new and proposed municipal wireless Internet access projects. I learned on it that Google’s citywide Wi-Fi network in Mountain View, California is now online and available. According to another article about the project by Om Malik:

The network, which covers 11.5 square miles, features 380 access points, all supplied by Tropos Networks, a Sunnyvale, Calif.-based company. One in six access points is a gateway by Tel Aviv-based Alvarion. There are three bandwidth aggregation points in the network that are connected to GooglePlex using point-to-point gear from GigaBeam,
an equipment vendor based in Herndon, Virginia. The network was designed by Google engineers and installed by WFI, a San Diego-based network builder.

Municipal wireless projects are going to continue to be in the news. Progressive and forward-looking communities are and are going to seek partnerships between educational organizations, civic groups, businesses and local governments to provide wireless Internet access for residents and visitors. The numbers of restaurants, coffee shops, libraries and other spots offering free wireless access is increasing, but my perception is that municipal wireless initiatives are still pretty rare. Look for them to increase in number in the months and years ahead! The coverage map for Google’s Mountain View project is very impressive– I wish this same connectivity was available in my hometown!

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