Okay, I’m going to stick with the talk show and Johnny Carson analogy I used in my first post.

My first guest is a comedian from Canada. He’s a former educator and recently appeared on Last Comic Standing. Please welcome Mr. Gerry Dee:

BTW Wes, I added a humor section. He’ll never have me back!

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On this day..

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3 Responses to For my first guest….

  1. AllanahK says:

    Still laughing! We can keep you on!

  2. […] 我的第一位客座嘉宾……请注意--今天破例:一次特别的周六早晨的OLDaily。希望你们喜欢!也许有人想了解,平时晚上我都干些什么呢?是这样的:有时我会到蒙克顿的这个戏剧俱乐部去欣赏这个家伙的表演。大家可以在这个帖子中的视频里欣赏到他的风采。Dean Shareski, Moving at the Speed of Creativity June 2, 2007 [原文链接] [标签: æ— ] [参与评论] […]

  3. Jim says:

    I am in tears. Funniest comedy Ive seen from Canada EVER! Thanks

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