Moving at the Speed of Creativity by Wesley Fryer

Podcast169: A Conversation with Marco Torres about Light Saber Special Effect Techniques, Digital Technologies in the Hands of Eager Learners, and Worthwhile Teacher Professional Development

This podcast is a recording of a conversation I had with Marco Torres at NECC 2007 in Atlanta, Georgia. The initial question we started with focused on how to make “light saber effects” in a movie, but our conversation continued and focused on other uses for Final Cut Studio Pro software, ways for helping students learn complex technology skills (“dream it” and figure out how to do it together) as well as effective professional development strategies for teachers, among other topics. Marco continues to be one of my foremost “Yodas” (mentors) when it comes to the effective use of digital technologies to tell stories, and the work his kids have done and continue to do inside and outside the classroom really puts them in a class by themselves. Many thanks to Marco for both sharing his expertise and being willing to allow his perspectives to be shared out with others via this podcast recording.

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  1. Homepage of Marco Torres: educator, producer, media artist, consultant
  2. Motion Software included as part of Final Cut Studio Pro

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