Yesterday afternoon and evening our Storychasers executive board had a retreat in one of the classrooms of the downtown Oklahoma City Metro Library. When logging onto their free wifi network, I read the fine print of their use agreement:
To print, save to a floppy
Under “Limitations and Disclaimers,” the website informs patrons:

Printers are not directly accessible via the wireless network. If you need to print, save to a floppy, email it to yourself then you can use one of our public workstations to print.

When was the last time a patron actually used a floppy disk at an OKC metro library? I’m thinking it’s time to update that use agreement and replace “floppy” with “flash/USB drive.”

Floppy disks and the Apple IIGS

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3 Responses to Floppy disk, anyone?

  1. Kim Terry says:

    We actually do currently sell floppy disks at the Metropolitan Library System. Sometimes we sell as many as 20 each day. I say currently, becuase we are soon going to be switching over to selling small USB/Flash drives. At that time, we will change the language on our wifi procedures. Thanks for reading over it though!

  2. I think floppies are making a comeback!

  3. Wesley Fryer says:

    Wow, thanks for providing that info, Kim – Glad to know the website is up to date, and that you’re transitioning to USB drives. This summer I noticed it become harder to purchase 1 GB versions from CDW, they wanted to sell 2 GB for the same price instead. I’d guess you’ll be able to get a good price from someone for 32 MB or 128 MB drives – I’ve been seeing those as giveaways at conferences now for some time.

    I was at the University of Central Oklahoma’s bookstore today, and noticed they are still selling floppy disks too. So the floppy is not dead – yet!

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