Moving at the Speed of Creativity by Wesley Fryer

Helping students picture themselves at college

The EduTopia video “YES Prep Boasts a College-Bound Culture” is right on target: Helping students “picture themselves” at college, develop the goal orientation which leads to college attendance as well as the SKILLS required for success in college all start with face-to-face visits to different university campuses.

This video inspires me to think about setting up college visits for my own children as I have opportunities to travel with them this year. It’s never too early (or late) to talk with each other about our goals and dreams for learning and our lives.

All the videos available via EduTopia are phenomenal. I’m going to be utilizing a lot of them in my T4T (Technology 4 Teachers) class this semester at the University of Central Oklahoma. Class starts for us Wednesday – Yikes! My course materials are not complete yet… but will be soon! 🙂

Learn more about YesPrep on EduTopia’s page, “The Yes Prep Story.”


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  1. Heather Ross Avatar

    Wes, /i think we should be doing this for post-secondary in general, not just for universities.