Dr Tim Tyson’s post today, “Do We So Easily Fool Ourselves?,” is a must-read for everyone interested in education and the future of the United States. He concludes his post by noting:

Instead of seeing serious efforts to fund a revolutionary educational policy that rewards the highest levels of academic and artistic achievement instead of focusing on labeling “failure” at every hand, that places education as the centerpiece of economic reform and stimulus, that makes college attainable, that rewards (culturally and economically) educators, that meets the fundamental needs of children (an enormous percentage of which live in poverty), that provides an emphasis on social justice and ethics as well as critical thinking that questions a government that is failing its people, I just see policy that is racing to the bottom to privatize and destroy the most essential aspect of democracy.

I try very hard to avoid partisan politics on this blog, but this isn’t politics. This, citizens, is our livelihoods, our health, our well being, our retirement, our economy, our infrastructure, the very future of our country. It’s past time to hold federal and state governments accountable for failed educational policy and inadequate educational funding. That reinventing and adequately funding educational policy hasn’t been a top priority of this administration is scandalous!

Amen. Let us know when you’re running for office, Tim, and where we need to send our campaign contributions.

Voting Yes for AZ Education - You should too!
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One Response to Dr Tim Tyson on our need for visionary educational leadership

  1. Mark Ahlness says:

    Thanks very much for this Wes. There is a lot of pushback right now, but unfortunately it is from the powerless grassroots. Even mainstream media has joined in on refuting the obvious flaws in “edreform”, but I do not see a reversal on the horizon…

    I’ve decided to push back from another angle, to not even engage in the rhetoric, – but to simply offer and maybe feature this, from Louis Schmier: http://therandomthoughts.edublogs.org/1994/06/23/to-be-a-teacher/

    ….just another root of grass, Mark

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