I love social studies, history, geography and the intersections of these content areas with technology. I read an email from Jeff Mummert on February 1st with interest, in which he explained how The Civil War Augmented Reality Project has evolved to become an LLC: HistoriQuest. Jeff explained in the email how HistoriQuest aims to specifically address the following educational, technological, and tourism challenges:

  1. Few sites offer real educational interactivity- involving user
    choices that change stories and promote creative and critical
  2. The internet alone has not really “knocked down museum walls,”
    mobile technology has.
  3. Physical activity and mental challenge are integral parts of learning.
  4. Technology is a tool, not an educational objective.
  5. Most members of the public must see the value of a technology
    before adopting it.
  6. There are a vast number of communities with ignored but valuable
    stories to tell.
  7. Mobile technology can help to positively settle the land
    ownership and zoning controversies in public history.

As we consider the (hopefully) imminent development and release of an iOS/Android application for Storychasers, I’m watching projects like HistoriQuest with heightened interest. Our abilities to create mash-ups of content including videos, images, audio recordings, and text overlaid with maps and mobile applications providing real-time / current-context information is extremely exciting. I’m betting we’re going to see great things from HistoriQuest in the months ahead.

Augmented Realityphoto © 2010 Tom | more info (via: Wylio)

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