Do you manage or administer a Facebook page? You might consider turning OFF the option to let non-admins post to the page. Admins can change this by clicking SETTINGS on the Facebook page in the upper right corner.

Change Facebook admin rights

The past few months there have been a few spam posts on our “Social Media Guidelines” Facebook page for educators, but tonight I checked (before posting a new article about legal challenges posed by social media, including whether judges should “friend” lawyers) and saw four new spam posts. This pushed me over the edge to turn off non-admin page posts. It’s easy to mark a post as spam and remove it when you’re a page admin, but it doesn’t permit those wall posts from showing up in the news feed of all your page followers. This isn’t something I’m willing to tolerate any longer.

Spam posts on Facebook Page

Hopefully Facebook programmers will add the option to MODERATE non-admin wall posts on pages. As far as I know, that isn’t possible YET.

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2 Responses to Beware of Non-Admin Facebook Page Posts

  1. Kris Hagel says:

    This is also an important concept to think about in regards to schools who have Facebook pages. In our state (Washington), it appears that the law is leaning towards anything posted on our social media pages are public record, and thus you can not remove anything. That means any degrading, untrue, or false comments left by anyone must be left on your Facebook pages forever. While it does take away some of the value and possibility for positive interactions, it maybe something we have to do at this time if we choose to publicize ourselves in this arena.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wesley: This may not be of much consolation to you, but a Wall post from a spammer isn’t likely show up your fans’ News Feeds, unless that fan was a friend of the spammer’s (also not likely, because the the spammers are usually using fake accounts). Apart from this scenario, it’s only the Wall posts from the Page itself that pass through the News Feed.

    The newly upgraded Facebook Pages also have options for keyword blogs and profanity filters, but smart spammers usually find ways around these, too.

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