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Visualizing Data in Google Earth

These are my notes from Margaret Shaw Chernosky’s presentation, “Visualizing Data in Google Earth” at the September 26, 2011, Google Geo-Teacher Institute in Lewiston, Maine.

MotionX-GPS app for iPhone: creates Google Earth KML/KMZ file with your speed/location as you travel

Bring live hurricane and tropical storm data into your classroom via KML/KMZ files:

Bring live earthquake data in KMZ format from NOAA:

Get local: Google Earth KML/KMZ data files for Maine:

Margaret showing aggregated hurricane / tropical storm tracks in Google Earth, asking, “Where AREN’T there hurricanes?”

Margaret Chernosky asking: "Where AREN'T there hurricanes?"

Some Pasco sensors have GPS included, so as you paddle down a river and take a water sample the GPS coordinates are also recorded with your data

Google Earth Pro can not only handle global data, but also large quantities of data you collect with your students about your LOCAL area

Margaret used a Pasco sensor to measure water temperatures in her Kayak, and was showing us here how that can be visualized in Google Earth Pro

Margaret Chernosky showing water temperature data in Google Earth

Google Earth Pro costs $400 per year for a license, but educators can get it free

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