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Tutorials: Record Audio Podcasts with Voice Record Pro or Anchor

Tomorrow I’m co-teaching with one of our high school history teachers, who is asking her students to create a colonial era podcast. Among other possibilities, students may choose to role play interviews about historical events, include sponsorships from historically appropriate businesses, and/or produce a more documentary-style audio recording. I’m excited to see the students’ creativity unleashed via audio podcasts!

I created a 1 page Google Doc tutorial which she’s sharing with students via Google Classroom, which includes links to the free apps Voice Record Pro (iOS only) and Anchor (iOS and Android). I also recorded short video tutorials, demonstrating the steps for using each app to record a podcast. Voice Record Pro is ideal for “no-edit podcasts” or “quick-edit podcasts.” Anchor has more features, including copyright-friendly background music, and supports multiple segments. Anchor also hosts podcast files online and takes care of technical details so your podcast is available on Apple Music / iTunes, Spotify, and other podcast platforms. I’ve added the links to these resources and video tutorials to the “Radio Show” page of Please use these materials with your students and teachers if they are helpful! If you do, please let me know via Twitter or my online contact form. Happy podcasting!

Record a Podcast on an iPhone with Voice Record Pro by Wesley Fryer, on Flickr
"Record a Podcast on an iPhone with Voice Record Pro" (CC BY 2.0) by Wesley Fryer

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