Welcome to Episode 468 of the Moving at the Speed of Creativity podcast, a show by Dr. Wesley Fryer (@wfryer) focusing on digital creativity, media literacy, digital literacy, digital citizenship, instructional technology integration and engaged learning both inside and outside the classroom. This episode includes a reflection by Wes about some of the techniques he is using in fall 2019 teaching Digital and Media Literacy for 5th and 6th graders at Casady School in Oklahoma City, as well as the adult Sunday School class, “Curiosity and Questions: Jesus and Science” at First Presbyterian Church in Edmond, Oklahoma. These techniques include using Google Sites to share lesson slides, videos, resources and links publicly (mdtech.casady.org and followjesus.wesfryer.com) each week. Refer to the podcast shownotes for referenced links. Feedback on this podcast episode is welcome!


  1. Subscribe to Moving at the Speed of Creativity Podcasts
  2. Wes Fryer (@wfryer) – Blog
  3. Lessons Learned as a School Director of Technology (February 2019)
  4. Wes’ 5th and 6th Grade Digital and Media Literacy website – mdtech.casady.org
  5. Class website for “Curiosity and Questions: Jesus and Science” – followjesus.wesfryer.com
  6. Summarizing Summer Institute in Digital Literacy Learning via Twitter Moments (July 2019)
  7. SIFT (The Four Moves) by Mike Caufield (@holden)
  8. Astronomy Picture of the Day on the App Store
  9. Use a custom URL for your [Google] site (consumer Gmail/Google account)
  10. Map a new URL to your site (GSuite Google site / account)
  11. Wes’ Handouts (was a “classic” Google Site – now in conversion)
  12. Wonder Links (from Wes’ current class website)
  13. Curiosity Links (from Wes’ old STEM class website)
  14. Wes 2013-15 STEM class website (a “classic” Google Site)
  15. Amanda Pardue’s Upper Division / High School Art Google Site: pardueart.casady.org
  16. Wes’ Personal YouTube Channel: YouTube.com/wfryer
  17. Wes’ School YouTube Channel (GSuite account)
  18. About Google Classroom
  19. HeartPaths OKC | Spiritual Direction & Training
  20. One Strange Rock on NetFlix
  21. Preferred YouTube Downloader
  22. Edit / Trim Videos with QuickTime Player for MacOS
  23. Presenting with Keynote and Apple Watch (8 Sept 2019)
  24. The EdTech Situation Room (@edtechSR)
  25. Show With Media: What Do You Want to Create Today?
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  27. Pocket Share Jesus: Be a Digital Witness for Christ
  28. Class with Dr. Fryer on Anchor
  29. Podcast interviews recorded on an iPhone with Ferrite Recording Studio
  30. Podcast audio edited with Audacity and normalized with Auphonic

All past “Moving at the Speed of Creativity” podcast episodes are archived, dating back to August 2005.

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