I’ve known about Yahoo Pipes for many months, but finally found a good reason to use it today. I created a combined RSS feed from the presentations and critiques RSS feeds of the notk12onlineconference.org website, and then created a javascript badge (again using Yahoo Pipes) which I embedded on the left side of the K-12 Online Conference homepage. The current badge feed looks like this:

Similar to the way I include my current blog posts on my wesfryer.com homepage using RSS-to-JavaScript.com, Yahoo Pipes converts RSS feeds so they can be displayed as HTML on webpages. This is a VERY basic utilization of Yahoo Pipes, which can be used in much more complex ways. I like the display and formatting of the Yahoo Pipes badge output and may use it in the future on my main homepage.

Pipes: editing 'notk12onlinecombined'

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  • http://edtechlearningreflections.blogspot.com/ Heather Dowd

    Thank you for sharing this. I had tried using yahoo pipes to modify a geo-tagged rss feed for use in creating a map of pictures, but I was unsuccessful. This looks like something I can handle though….and it’s very useful. I appreciate your post.

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