Each October our family has a tradition of spending time at Oklahoma City’s Frontier City and “Fright Night.” This time of roller coaster rides and Halloween fun took place this past Saturday, but unlike past years I was armed with several new photo applications on my iPhone 3GS. This provided plenty of amusement as we waited in lines for various rides. The four programs I used to create the following images are Camera Bag, DipTic, Action Camera, and Color Splash. All of these are included on my Appolicious list, “Favorite iPhone Photography Apps.” H/T to Marco Torres whose Facebook photos (and comments sharing some of his favorite photo apps) inspired me! All of these images were both taken AND edited “on the go” on my iPhone.

I used Camera Bag to add effects and filters to the following four images, and DipTic to combine them into a single photo.


I used Color Splash to create this colorized black and white image of Rachel’s cat tail, which she won throwing darts at balloons.


I used Action Camera to snap the following four images in rapid succession, and Camera Bag to add a preset image filter afterwards.


These iOS photo applications all cost $1.99 or 99¢ each, and can produce photo effects which I’d be hard-pressed to duplicate in Adobe PhotoShop IF I owned and had the full program on my laptop. What fun to be empowered as a mobile photo editor and storychaser!

Check out the full photo set on Flickr, as well as Sarah and Rachel’s “Zebra Print Episode #5” recorded from atop the Frontier City ferris wheel at night.

Are there other iOS photo applications you use and love which I haven’t mentioned here? Pano is another of my favorites, but I didn’t take as many shots with it this year at Frontier City.

Crack Axel Canyon at Frontier City (Edmond, OK)

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