This are my presentation slides and resources for my opening keynote Friday at the Palm Beach County Schools’ annual technology conference. My session was initially titled “CCC in the 21C,” but I tweaked the name to be, “Tales of Digital Magic: gallant heroines, evil villains, and words of power.”


  1. Moving at the Speed of Creativity (Wesley’s blog)
  2. Wesley Fryer on Twitter
  3. Storychasers
  4. Powerful Ingredients 4 Blended Learning (PI4BL)
  5. Ustream Mobile Broadcaster
  6. Video: Apple iPad Steve Jobs Keynote Jan 27 2010
  7. One Laptop per Child (OLPC)
  8. OLPC 2010 Tablet Design (Engadget)
  9. VoiceThread Student Book Report on Helen Keller
  10. VoiceThread for Education
  11. Video: Gotta Keep Reading – Ocoee Middle School
  12. Video: Remix for Personal Learning
  13. Open Educational Resources (OER Commons)
  14. WikiPedia: Technology Adoption Lifecycle (Everett M. Rogers)
  15. Levels of Technology Use (Powerful Ingredients 4 Blended Learning)
  16. Video: Sarah’s Response to President Obama’s Speech
  17. ISTE | National Educational Technology Standards
  18. 2001 Revision of Bloom’s Taxonomy
  19. Video: The Dirty Thirties (Teacher-created)
  20. >560 Student and Teacher-created videos on Celebrate Oklahoma Voices
  21. Celebrate Oklahoma Voices Project Info
  22. Phonecast (free) with
  23. Talk with Pictures!
  24. Collaborate with others!
  25. Share your work!
  26. Wesley’s Presentation and Workshop Handouts
  27. Info about scheduling Wesley Fryer as a presenter / workshop leader

Follow the conversations and commentary about the conference by searching Twitter for the hashtag #pbtechconf.

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