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This spring semester, 3rd grade students at Shedeck Elementary School in Yukon, Oklahoma, worked with their librarian, Jeannie Wilmes, to conduct “blended research” about different kinds of animals. Their research was “blended” because students used both library books as well as electronic resources like the PebbleGo website and database. Mrs. Wilmes worked with students twice a week for two weeks in this project, which culminated in students audio recording their research using the free iPad app AudioBoo. Students were then able to share their recordings with classmates and with parents online. In this five minute interview video, Mrs. Wilmes and some of the Shedeck third graders describe their project, what they enjoyed and some of their lessons learned.

Check out more of the students’ recordings on the AudioBoo channels for Mrs. Doran’s class, Mrs. Filyukova’s class, and Mrs. Forga’s class. It’s wonderful to see and hear the great work that Mrs. Wilmes is able to do with students as a full-time library media specialist. Way to go Shedeck students and educators!

Audioboos by Mrs. Filyukova's Third Graders

Do you know about mudpuppies, which are sometimes called water dogs? If not, you better check out Cynthia’s report!

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    I actually believe the FCC CIPA policy is reasonably restrictive. However, many schools do not follow these rules and establish more wide reaching filter policies. Many times this is done in response to poor bandwidth as a way to throttle bandwidth usage (ie: youtube) but explained away as a response to filtering laws. In many schools, I have seen relaxing of filtering as schools increase bandwidth. So, based on that experience I would still advocate for more bandwidth before changing CIPA any further.


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