We can’t (and probably don’t want to on balance) turn the clock back to a 19th century paradigm of exclusively text-based literacy. But what is the real “value added” from multimedia-intense instruction which may border on edutainment? This session (presented at the Texas Computer Education Association’s annual conference in Austin, Texas on February 9, 2005) takes a critical look at educational technology: the myths and the realities of technology’s impact on student learning, and challenges teachers to focus on strategies which develop authentic literacy skills needed in the 21st Century.

Show notes for this podcast include:

  1. Online presentation slides for this session are available. (link broken – Internet Archive Wayback Machine version available)
  2. This presentation is also available as a streamed video synchronized to the presentation slides (scroll down to the 8th session, which is mine and click on it to view in your web browser)
  3. Recommended reading for educators
  4. The Alliance for Childhood

Program Length: 53 min, 19 sec
File size: 12.2 MB

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