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Job hunt blog

I started a new project Monday night and this evening I have titled my “Job hunt blog.” I did detail the reasons more specifically as a post within the blog, but basically I needed to come up with a good purpose for exploring the blogging capabilities of iWeb (part of iLife06 software for Macintosh) and thought this would be something worthwhile to blog about. Since this focus is different that the topics I generally blog about here, I think it is appropriate to share these thoughts “in another blogspace” rather than here on an ongoing basis.

I am working to finish my doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction (with a strong emphasis in instructional technology) in summer 2006, and am actively seeking a tenure track faculty position in a College of Education starting in fall 2006.

This job blog is a running documentary of my job search. If you know a College of Education dean or search committee chair looking for someone with my interests and skills, please let me know or have them contact me! 🙂







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  1. Lori Lusk Avatar
    Lori Lusk

    Congratulations on your decision to change careers, Wes! You are exactly the type of professor that we need in education colleges today. Good luck!