This survey is in no way scientific, but despite that fact I find these results interesting. A few weeks ago I posted a survey about instant messaging in schools, and tonight I checked the results. 31 people responded:

Results of IM Survey

Based on this feedback, it looks like about half the schools of respondents allow at least some types of instant messaging software programs to run on their school network. That is more than I expected!

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3 Responses to IM Survey Results

  1. Barry Dahl says:

    Hi Wes,
    You probably intended this survey to be of K-12 schools, but I submitted my answers for our college. We are quite a bit more liberal about alowing communication techniques than most K-12, for obvious reasons. Hope I didn’t help skew your results. Barry

  2. Diana says:


    I did not chime into the survery, but our school allows IM for the faculty and staff and supports it… it is purchased and monitored. The students are not allowed to use IM officially on machines although they haven’t figured out that Skype is not blocked yet… hoping they miss that for a long time!

    Our building is what our district calls a super user of IM… utilizing it hourly in our space… we conduct virtual team meetings, disperse information in a timely fashion and stay connected even though our building is organized poorly. I think it is one of the things that allows for our job to go as smoothly as it does…

  3. Wesley Fryer says:

    No worries Barry– this was an informal survey. Diana, it sounds like your school is very progressive with IM! I’d love to do a skypecast with you at some point about how you all are using it, in the ways you describe– that is the sort of collaborative use of IM that many in the business world as well as “real world” outside education are using it. I’m glad to hear you and your fellow teachers are able to collaborate with IM at “work!”

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