Support Blogging has an extensive list of educational blog links broken down by different categories, which include:

There are currently 46 principal blogs listed. Wow!

Since this is a wiki, anyone can add their blog address or the addresses of educational bloggers not already included to these growing lists. This is a great resource for locating other educational bloggers. My only wish is that it listed the location of each edublogger too! Someday I’d like to see a list like this that creates a dynamic KML file for Google earth, similar to the static one I started last summer.

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5 Responses to Growing list of Edubloggers

  1. This post explains the traffic to SupportBlogging today! A number of good additions have been made.

    Worth noting that there is a Google custom search that searches all of these blogs. There’s a link in the menu on the left of the site, or you can go directly to: (It takes me a day or so after a blog has been added to the site to include it in the custom search.)

    Thanks for the good publicity! 🙂

  2. Tom Turner says:

    Nice list of edubloggers on your wiki. Thanks for compiling a list such as this. I added my Seeking the Wisdom of the Ages edublog on there as well.

  3. Tom Turner says:

    Bleh…sorry for the double post here. Forgot to type my address for those not inclined to hit the link above:

  4. Wesley Fryer says:

    Tom, don’t misinterpret my linking to this list as taking credit for it– I certainly didn’t compile the list! I think those kudos go to Steve Hargadon and many others listed in the history page of the wiki!

  5. Tom Turner says:

    Bad misinterpretation on my part then. HUGE leap I took there. So my apologies.

    Then KUDOS on the find and sharing with all. 🙂

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