February is a very popular month for educational technology conferences. For proof, do a search for all events in February 2009 on T.H.E. Journal’s EdTech Conference Planner. This year I will again miss the TCEA conference (Feb 2-6) in Austin, Texas, but I will attend as well as present at three new conferences for me:

The Oklahoma Technology Association’s 2009 conference is scheduled for Feb 10-11 here in Oklahoma City, but I have not yet submitted a proposal (they are due 12/5/2008) because I’m not sure if I’ll need to provide videoconferencing support for another “Oklahoma Institute” event that week. February is going to be a BUSY month!

I am particularly enthused at the prospect of visiting and presenting in New Zealand, since I have not been there since 1987 when I was a summer exchange student in Geraldine (on the South Island) with AFS.

I will be keynoting at both eTech Ohio and Learning@School 09, but will just be sharing workshops and breakout sessions at ITSC. The keynoters for ITSC 2009 are Sir Ken Robinson and Marco Torres! It is going to be amazing to hear from both of them during the conference as well as others on the schedule. 🙂

Next month I’m looking forward to keynoting (along with Hall Davidson) at the “Developing 21st Century Skills” MassCUE conference in Sturbridge, Massachusetts. The Oklahoma Distance Learning Association’s fall conference is scheduled for November 13-14 and I plan to attend that here in Oklahoma City. I’ve submitted a few proposals but don’t know whether I’ll present there or not. It is actually quite fun and energizing at times to just ATTEND a conference and not present!

Since I left AT&T and joined the Oklahoma Heritage Association this past July my travel schedule has been MUCH lighter. I do enjoy traveling and presenting, but I don’t think I ever want to rack up the frequent flyer miles of folks like Alan November, David Warlick, Will Richardson, Sheryl-Nussbaum Beach, or Gary Stager. I think the work Will and Sheryl are continuing to do with PLP is fantastic, but I’m not sure how they are managing to keep up the travel schedule they have!

If you attend one of the aforementioned conferences coming up this fall or winter, please stop by and say hello! I’m really looking forward to the conversations I know will happen at these events, as well as the opportunity to add some new photo sets to my Flickr account!

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3 Responses to Ohio, Oregon and New Zealand in February 2009

  1. Amanda says:

    Excellent news on hearing that you will be coming to New Zealand! Am hoping to get to Learning@School – enjoy your time in New Zealand while you are here! Let us know if there is anything we can help out with or guide you to!
    Amanda (heymilly – twitter)

  2. Wesley Fryer says:

    Great Amanda– thanks! I’m hoping to come with my wife and arrive about a week before the conference to be able to see more of NZ. I saw very little of the North Island when I was there previously and my wife has never been, so we are really looking forward to it. 🙂

  3. AllanahK says:

    Yay Wes.

    Hope to catch up with you at L@S in Rotorua in February. It is great to know that New Zealand has enough of a pull to get such quality speakers to come to us from so far away.

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