These are my notes from Joseph Morelock’s presentation, “Student as Prosumer: Content and Mobile Devices in 21st-Century Learning Environments” at the 21st Century Learning @ the West Lake Expo held Oct 31 – Nov 3, 2009 at Xi Hu, China, also known as West Lake. West Lake is in the center of Hangzhou, China, which is about an hour by bus southwest of Shanghai. MY THOUGHTS AND COMMENTS ARE IN ALL CAPS.

Joseph’s homepage at his school and contact information

I purchased 250 of these video-capable iPods at $150 US each for students at my school to use

Every minute every day, 10 hours of video are uploaded
In the last minute, 6000 photos were uploaded to Flickr

On Facebook: 200 million active profiles, 100 million logged in today

President Obama, duirng his inaururagion party for young people
– you can see all the cameras owned by oung people
– they are producing: taking photos, videos, and uploading

– image of Tweets when Obama was sworn in as 44th President

Cover of the New Yorker, June 1, 2009

Digital natives are younger users and digital experts
– as younger experts, they gain earlier responsibility for their own learning and for tasks to help their parents
– that is my son, Lorenzo, who is 4
– he has his own iPod Touch that he uses to learn writing, math, and practices his reading (and gets a little music)

environment: the network is everywhere
– we traveled thousands of miles to connect with you
– but you can also connect today with small devices like cell phones, and your computers
– you can have connections now at all time

Social networking
– tweets, iPods, flickr, wikis, mashups, blogging, podcasting

Producing, not just consuming

How do we build 21st century learning environments?

we must think about going mobile: moving away from the laptop and the desktop
– the Internet “in the cloud”
– sending and receiving, consuming and producing

My son’s classroom, where students use the iPod Touch to read, to write, to listen, and to watch video
– they build content to share with the rest of their peers

School is not from 8 am to 3 pm
– school is all day thanks to mobile devices
– developing content to take with you as teachers: that is our goal and task

what defines a good “new” television from an old one is our ability to customize it
– how many different things can you do with the same television?
– this is customized
– customizing our content for students, making sure we can deliver it on multiple devices

Alvin Toffler: “The future arrives too soon and in the wrong order.”

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