Jesse Thomas designed and animated the 4 minute video “The State of The Internet” for his presentation at AIGA Baltimore in February 2010. The style is very similar to the “Did You Know” video series. The statistics which blew me away are the numbers for Facebook sharing, as well as botnet / zombie computer growth. Yikes. There’s never been a better time to run a Mac or Ubuntu!

JESS3 / The State of The Internet from Jesse Thomas on Vimeo.

The “Did You Know” video series was updated to version 4.0 in September 2009. Many of the statistics in Jesse’s “The State of The Internet” video are (coincidentally) also from September 2009.

H/T to Tony Vincent via his delicious links for sharing “The State of The Internet.” I was delighted to learn Vimeo auto-detects the iPhone’s Safari web browser and provides an iPhone-compatible version of videos for mobile viewing, as YouTube does for many videos. I subscribe to updates from my own delicous network (of which Tony is a member!) and originally saw the video on my iPhone, after seeing the link in my Google Reader education feeds.

It’s hard to believe the pace of technologically driven change appears to be “only” just heating up.

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