In this podcast conversation from March 2010, Kevin Honeycutt discusses the importance of adding meta information (tags) to videos, photos, and other pieces of media uploaded to social networking sites like Ning networks. Kevin explains “tags are ways to see things.” He explains how important it is to understand and use tags in today’s networked, digital environment, and gives advice about how to balance the need to create rules or guidelines for tagging, but also leave the door wide enough so people are encouraged to contribute. Kevin also explains his passion for the FREE Art Snacks learning community, and how he has cultivated that vibrant learning community since 2007. If you know ANYONE interested in art, drawing, and/or creativity, they need to know about Art Snacks. Check out the podcast shownotes for links to referenced resources.

Show Notes:

  1. Website of Kevin Honeycutt
  2. Kevin Honeycutt on Twitter: @kevinhoneycutt
  3. Kevin Honeycutt on Plurk: @kevinhoneycutt
  4. Art Snacks
  5. ESSDACK: Educational Services and Staff Development of Central Kansas
  6. Tag (metadata) definition on WikiPedia
  7. Storychasers
  8. Celebrate Oklahoma Voices
  9. Celebrate Kansas Voices
  10. Celebrate Texas Voices
  11. Oklahoma City Co-Working Collaborative

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