It’s been official for awhile but I haven’t posted about this till now: I’m thrilled to be traveling to Seattle in late February for the Northwest Council for Computer Education (NCCE) conference as an invited featured speaker. Many thanks to Jeff Allen for helping facilitate this! I am scheduled to share four presentations at NCCE:

(2008, February 29) Global Voices: Distance Learning Projects with Interactive Podcasting and VOIP Tools.

(2008, February 29) Lead Differently: Digitally Informed School Leadership for the 21st Century.

(2008, February 28) Copyright, Fair Use, Intellectual Property & Podcasting.

(2008, February 28) Cyberbullying, Liability, and Social Networking: What Should Educators Do?

In addition, I’m scheduled to share two workshops:

(2008, February 27) Cell Phones for Learning. (3 hour workshop)

(2008, February 26) Safe Digital Social Networking. (3 hour workshop)

All the links and materials for those sessions are NOT yet in place. I’ll be getting them together soon, however, as I have several upcoming presentations before NCCE when I am scheduled to address similar or identical topics.

I am now updating the handouts page on my blog to include links to resources shared during upcoming as well as recent presentations and workshops. Last year I did not have a regular way of sharing these, so I’m experimenting with some new ways of trying to share links with others who actually attend my presentations in person and those who don’t but are still interested in the content.

I am enthused to visit Seattle for multiple reasons. High on that list is the chance for my wife to visit the area for the first time, and to meet some people (including Mark Ahlness) who I’ve communicated with for a long time but never met in person. My plan is to move older presentation/workshop links to my vitae as the year goes on, and include the graphical “listen” icon linking to podcasts when they are available for past presentations. I also plan to migrate (at some point) my presentation/workshop links from my PBwiki site to a personal wiki site I setup recently on my own domain (as a subdomain) using the open source tool TikiWiki. I’m not sure when I’ll work on that conversion/moving project, but I’ll likely do it sooner rather than later. I learned in September that all PBwiki sites are blocked in China, and while I did create a partial mirror site of my sessions on wikispaces for the Learning 2.0 conference, that is not a viable publishing strategy for the long term. I saw Dr. Larry Lessig’s personal wiki site (using MediaWiki) recently, and that inspired me to start my own wiki on my blog site. There are multiple reasons this will be advantageous, but one of the most important is addressing content filtering issues in schools and nations– and hopefully providing greater accessibility to my ideas and thoughts to educators around the world.

Do you know of any good bed and breakfasts in the Seattle area you’d recommend? We’re going to stay in the area a couple of days in addition to the conference dates and would love to stay at a wonderful B&B. 🙂

NCCE 2008 Conference

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4 Responses to NCCE and Seattle in February

  1. Brian Crosby says:

    Wes – you have to visit the fish market (Pike’s Place) and watch them throw and catch fish.

  2. Looking forward to see you @ NCCE!

    Did you find a B&B yet?

    Glenn 🙂

  3. Wesley Fryer says:

    Glenn: We looked at several but opted for a less expensive hotel in the downtown area for our last two nights– I think we’ll spend the difference in $$$ on seafood! (Hopefully!) See you there, I’m looking forward to the trip immensely!

  4. I’ll be headed to Seattle tomorrow night, I’m organizing the conference geocaching activity.

    I’ve followed your blog for several years and as a believer have also enjoyed your Christian blog work.

    I’d love to have you take a peek at my AlmostMonday.BlogSpot.Com blog which I use as a weekly staff bulletin for my staff.

    I haven’t been as active with my 2 other projects, PepTechTalk.BlogSpot.Com & LeaderTalk.Org since I was assign as the principal of my latest school.

    See later this week!

    Glenn 🙂

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