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Podcast380: The Summer of Podfading is OVER: Let’s Talk eBooks!

My summer of podfading (not podcasting) is over! (Hat tip to Dan Schmidt for the term, “podfading.”) In this episode I discuss eBooks and many of the things I learned this summer writing the eBook, “Playing with Media: simple ideas for powerful sharing.” These include ideas about different eBook formats, software which can be used for creating and converting eBooks, and different websites for selling and distributing eBooks. I also share some advice for classroom teachers interested in creating eBooks for student work at the end of the academic year. Be sure to check out the podcast shownotes for links! It’s great to be podcasting again!

Show Notes:

  1. Hat tip to Dan Schmidt for sharing the term “podfader”
  2. Sounds of My World: Ambient Audio Recordings by Wesley Fryer
  3. Chinese Flute Music – Recorded September 11, 2011, walking near Yuyuan Garden in Shanghai, China. (35 sec)
  4. Life Sounds Like This,” a Posterous-powered sound blog by Jess McCulloch
  5. YouTube Playlist: Videos from Learning 2.011 (18 videos)
  6. SHARE: Playing with Media (examples of student media projects)
  7. Share Student Media in September: Win an iRig Microphone!
  8. Fuel for Educational Change Agents Podcast Channel
  9. 2011 K-12 Online Conference – FREE, world-class professional development videos
  10. The Seedlings Webcast on EdTechTalk (Seedlings on Facebook)
  11. NOW Generation by the Black Eyed Peas (YouTube)
  12. Disintermediation (English WikiPedia)
  13. Kindle Direct Publishing
  14. Comparison of eBook Formats (English WikiPedia)
  15. EPUB format information from the International Digital Publishing Forum
  16. Apple Pages Software (commercial)
  17. Calibre Software (free / open source)
  18. eBooks and ePub Format Digital Books: A #tltechforum Roundable (6 May 2011)
  19. Oodles of eBooks (podcast) by Carolyn Foote (@technolibrary on Twitter) – Session resources
  20. Working with Free eBooks on Kindle for iPad NOT from (24 May 2011)
  21. Reading the Fine Print: Considering Different eBook Publishing Options for the iBookstore (25 Jul 2011)
  22. Publishing eBooks to Amazon and iTunes iBookstore: Learning Curve Continues (29 Jul 2011)
  23. Validation errors in a multimedia or enhanced EPUB eBook (5 Aug 2011)
  24. Lessons Learned About Enhanced or Multimedia EPUB eBook Validation (15 Aug 2011)
  25. Audio and Video in EPUB: Straight to the Point Miniguide #2 ($5 ebook)
  26. Apple ePUB Template with recommended stylesheet
  28. Approved Apple Aggregators (companies) for the iTunes iBookstore – as of July 2011
  29. CreateSpace (publish print books on demand, Amazon’s official partner / channel)
  30. e-Junkie (sell digital content online)
  31. ePubBud
  32. A New Culture of Learning: Cultivating the Imagination for a World of Constant Change by Douglas Thomas and John Seely Brown
  33. Brushes app for iPad (Rachel used this for the book illustrations in Playing with Media)
  34. Playing with Media: simple ideas for powerful sharing (links to 3 eBook formats and print version)
  35. Supplementary resources:
  36. Contact Wesley Fryer
  37. Wesley Fryer on Twitter: @wfryer

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One response to “Podcast380: The Summer of Podfading is OVER: Let’s Talk eBooks!”

  1. Sonya Melton Avatar

    This answered almost all of my questions about Ebooks.  Thank you so much for sharing your process.  I can’t wait to share your blog with my colleagues.