I love creating and sharing lists of recommended iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch apps on the free website Appolicious. Back in October of 2011 I created an Appolicious App list titled “Audio Recording and Sharing (Oct 2011),” and today I decided to create an updated version I’m calling, “Audio Apps (Oct 2012).”

Best iPhone Apps: Audio Apps (Oct 2012) by wfryer | Appolicious ™ iPhone and iPad App Directory

If you compare the lists you’ll see several changes, most notably the omission of Cinch which shut down on August 20, 2012. I also chose not to include narrated slideshow apps, which I’d added for some reason in the October 2011 list. I did include “Book Creator for iPad” on this list even though it’s not strictly an audio creation / editing / sharing app, because it’s the best app I’ve found and used to date with students for directly recording audio into a multimedia eBook. I also didn’t include Voice Memos, since I haven’t used it since I added it to that list a year ago.

I’ve also added a link to this list (as well as updated the listed apps) on the Audio page of playingwithmedia.com. For more about creating audio-based classroom projects, see the pages for “Narrated Art” and “Radio Shows” on my Mapping Media to the Common Core / Curriculum project.

Narrated Art

Radio Show

What iOS audio apps do you use and like which I’ve left off this list?

To see as well as share/contribute examples of student media projects, please visit share.playingwithmedia.com.

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One Response to Best iOS Apps for Audio Recording & Sharing (Oct 2012)

  1. hamilton wallace says:

    Strictly for note taking, the two apps I find I use most from an embarrassingly large array of audio apps, using the audio input option each includes: Evernote; and Captio

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